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      We welcome you to our "Casa De Linos" linen shop! For us, creating handmade linen goods means getting closer together and creating a sense of community. We are against mass produced items and we strongly believe in the magic of handmade creation. Dedication, commitment and sincere professionalism is what gives meaning to our family and work.

      We started running our family business 7 years ago in a small workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece. Linen has always been a special material to our family. Our family dedicated its life working with linen fabrics and knowing everything about this material. While I was growing up, my everyday life was all about linen; how it is manufactured, what types there are, what can be made of linen. After I got married to my husband, linen fabric became part of his life too. I had always had an artistic kind of nature and I really love how linen fabric feels so cool to touch, so we started decorating our new home using linen. The result was really amazing and all our friends and relatives were encouraging us to turn our passion into business. And that was it! We have been working on linen items since 2010 in our little studio. A friend of ours one day suggested us a website for selling handmade products. 
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