About Linen

“Once you go linen, it’s like a heaven you’ve never been in”

Our linen fabrics are 100% certified ecological and guarantees you a natural and healthy sleep. The linen fabric is of medium weight.

-Linen is a nice, elegant, long lasting and steady natural material.

-Linen is useful for the skin, because it allows skin to breath, while it cools in summer and warms up when it’s cold. It does not cause any allergic reaction, it is antistatic and does not accumulate the sentiments of dirt, soap and lime settings.

-It is scientifically proven, that if you choose linen sheets, you will sleep better.

-Linen is very strong (about 2-3 times stronger than cotton), it has good wearing properties and it perfectly absorbs humidity.

-It is easy to wash linen fabrics and they get dry very fast.

-It is ecologic and natural. All items, designed and crafted from linen, biologically decay.

100% handmade linen products for your home décor, made in Greece, Thessaloniki.

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